How to treat toenail fungus?

Summer is here and we are all looking forward to this time, because it is getting warmer and more comfortable outside, which means that it is finally time to wear light open shoes. But what if you are ashamed of being barefoot for reasons related to one of the most common and uncomfortable diseases?Toenail fungus.

In this article, we will try to tell you aboutHow to treatThis disease and how to get rid of it as effectively and painlessly as possible.

Toenail fungus. The treatment and cause of the disease

First, let's take a look at what is nail fungus. This is a living organism that needs nourishment, namely the moisture (sweat) of the feet. One of the most common diseases related to the problem, such asToenail fungusIt is onychomycosis, most commonly caused by dermatophytes, and rarely by microsporum.

There are 5 types of onychomycosis of the nail plate:

  • Distal-covering the front part of the nail;
  • Lateral-covering the outer part of the nail;
  • Proximal-covering the back of the nail;
  • Surface-cover the nails with yellow spots;
  • Total-the coverage of the entire nail plate;

All types of lesions have common visible symptoms, such as discoloration, deformation, and fragility.

Fungal infection

If you often go to the gym, swimming pool, spa or massage parlor, please pay attention to personal hygiene, because in these places, fungal infections have all the conditions for transmission. High humidity and moderate temperature are the best irritants for the development of fungal diseases (bacteria that cause fungal infections). If you enter the shower or massage room without shoes, you may be infected with fungus.

It is also worth remembering that toenail fungus can be spread through direct contact with the wearer.

How does nail fungus develop?

  • Wear uncomfortable and tight-fitting shoes, as well as shoes made of synthetic materials, which can compress your feet and obstruct air circulation. In such an environment, fungal diseases develop rapidly;
  • Gel polish (female), which promotes the development of fungus between the nail plate and the varnish applied;
  • Increased sweating of the feet;
  • Defective or injured nails;
  • flatfoot;
  • Slow nail growth;
  • Violation of metabolic processes in the nails;
  • Insufficient blood supply to the limbs;
  • Immune system diseases;
  • Harmful working conditions (dust, gas pollution, high humidity);
  • Take antibiotics and hormones;

To avoid infection, timely foot hygiene is required, which is much easier than treating cases that have been neglected. In the late stage, the fungus can not only spread to nearby nails, but also enter other human organs through the blood, which may lead to the development of many other diseases related to the weakened immune system.

In view of the accompanying diseases, some people are more likely to get this disease than others, namely:

  • Suffer from diabetes (diabetic foot);
  • Overweight (obesity);
  • Suffer from cardiovascular disease (venous disease).

Signs of toenail fungus

So how can you identify the fungus by the first signs, so as not to penetrate it deep into the nail later and prevent adjacent fingers from spreading to the healthy nail plate.

Because of the many symptoms, you can recognize toenail fungus at an early stage:

  • The nail plate turns yellow;
  • Slight deformation or modification (if the nail becomes very deformed);
  • The nail is cracked and fragile, exposing the nerve endings and soft tissues on the toes (a light touch will bring pain and discomfort);
  • Unpleasant smell (related to increased sweating).

Nail fungus photo

What does nail fungus look like

Modern methods to treat toenail fungus

If you find one of the signs of the above-mentioned diseases, you should not self-medicate. There are a large number of bloggers and traditional therapists on the Internet. They will be happy to tell you what to apply to the affected area of the nail or leg, and what medicine to use, so that everything will disappear or two within a week. Unfortunately, the process of treating fungal diseases is not as easy and fast as all of us hope. It should be understood that even if the overall clinical situation has improved significantly, it is not advisable to stop treatment, because this is full of the fact that sooner or later it will relapse and you will have to restart treatment. Choose your own anti-fungal creams, sprays, gels-you risk getting worse or failing to get the desired results for nothing. Only a specialist can choose effective medicines to relieve your infection after a thorough examination.

Modern medicine provides many treatments for fungi:

  • Local treatment-treatment with conventional antifungal drugs can only achieve a cure effect in most cases, but cannot fully recover;
  • Drug treatment-to ensure complete cure, but side effects are not ruled out because the body is affected by the toxicity of antifungal drugs and pulse therapy;
  • Surgical intervention-this method is ineffective because it does not always lead to a complete recovery, because the possibility of defective nails regrowth is high. Also, don’t forget the long recovery period;
  • Laser treatment-Laser treatment of nail fungus is less effective. Since the laser treatment is based on the fact that a thermal beam is used, after this heat treatment, the nail plate will slow down its growth rate, so the fungus will not be stopped, but will continue to spread. Laser treatment of fungus is an ineffective method, and it is no longer used in practice;

What is the best way to treat nail fungus?

Since the main task and goal is to quickly and effectively relieve the patient’s onychomycosis without discomfort and unpleasant consequences, we recommend the method of photodynamic therapy.

This is the latest method to treat fungi, based on the use of photosensitizers, which can form oxygen in fungal cells while completely destroying the infected lesions. Subsequently, the cells of the immune system (phagocytes) fully absorb and remove dead fungal cells from the body.

When using light, all fungi and bacteria will die within a few minutes. It is also important to note that this therapy is an absolutely painless process with no side effects.

Photodynamic therapy has many advantages, which every patient will appreciate:

  • Effectiveness: Only a few courses of treatment are enough to eliminate the focus of infection. The number of operations depends on the development stage of the disease;
  • No consequence treatment: After photodynamic therapy, no scars, scratches, microcracks, redness or irritation will be left on the skin;
  • Painless: During the treatment, you will not feel a slight tingling sensation, contraction sensation or any other unpleasant sensations;
  • Complete replacement of antibiotic treatment;
  • Recommendations of leading international experts;
  • The treatment process requires the least time;

toNail fungus treatmentIf you succeed, leave it to the professionals. We will accurately determine the development stage of the disease, the condition of the skin and nail plate, and use the latest equipment and effective fungal disease drugs to prescribe the procedure. After a few weeks, not only will you forget the itching, but you will also be able to boast of the perfect condition of your feet.

After the treatment process is over, deck prosthesis surgery can be performed. If you need to repair the nail plate quickly, efficiently and accurately and restore the unparalleled appearance of your legs, then the steel plate prosthesis is the right decision. In our clinic, this process is carried out on modern equipment, using effective drugs with anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory effects, using gels and acrylic materials containing silver and platinum nanoparticles. The part of the nail plate that is partially lost after the treatment of fungal infection or nail plate injury (but if no more than 2/3 of the nail plate is lost) is a prosthesis.

We draw your attention to this procedure only if there are no contraindications. Before the repair procedure, treatment (there is fungus and/or other types of infection) or preventive use of a combination of special anti-fungal and anti-infective drugsTreatment process.

If you are facing sensitive issues such as fungal infections, please contact a professional medical center, where there are experienced doctors who will help you cure the disease.